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Accounting Services in Malta

Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, but its size does not reflect its economic power and importance in the European Union. The island relies heavily on tourism, but trade and manufacturing are also powerful economic sectors. Our accountants in Malta are ready to offer you the best accounting services if you choose to open a business in the small, sunny island country.


Ciantar Associates (Accountant-Malta.com) is a partner of BridgeWest for many years and is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority, as well as by the  Malta Institute of Accountants as Auditors. Our firm is also a member of other important organizations, among which the AGN International and the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners.


Our accountants in Malta will help you know everything about the taxation system in Malta and all the benefits for foreign investors. The double taxation treaties that Malta signed with more than 50 countries ensure that entrepreneurs are protected from double taxation. You can rely on our accounting firm in Malta no matter if you run a small, medium or large-sized business in this country.

Services provided by our Malta tax advisors

With a proven track record in the accounting and bookkeeping fields, our Maltese accountants have a great experience in offering a wide range of services, among which:

  1. tax consultancy and planning for your company in order for you to measure your results and draft realistic plans;
  2. audit services for your company, no matter if imposed by the law or you simply want to audit the performance of your business;
  3. bookkeeping services which are necessary from the very beginning of your activity in Malta;
  4. payroll services in order for you not to worry about your employees’ salaries and documents which need to be prepared when paying them;
  5. forensic accounting in case your company will find itself in the position of needing such services;
  6. financial statement preparation and filing services, including VAT return filings for your Maltese business.

If you need any other service than the ones mentioned above, our accountants in Malta are at your disposal.

Reporting requirements for companies in Malta

The management of Maltese companies does not mean only taking decisions related to activities of the business, but a great part of work implies the correct use of the funds the company has. However, the money a Maltese business relies on must be administered and proper documents should account for them. The preparation of these documents rests on the accounting department. However, many companies request accounting services from specialized firms in Malta.

An accounting company can make sure the International Financial Reporting Standards are complied with and the balance sheets and other accounting documents are drafted and submitted in a timely manner with the Inland Revenue Department in Malta.


What accounting documents must a Maltese company keep?

In order to better understand the accounting services a Maltese company can benefit from, below is the list of the records and documents a company must keep:
  •  records on all the transactions of the company;
  •  the balance with the assets and liabilities of the company;
  •  accounting documents related to the share sales and purchases of the company.

Additionally, the directors of Maltese companies must prepare their own reports on the company’s accounting which will be presented during the shareholders’ annual general meeting. Audited accounts must also be presented at the same meeting.


Special accounting services in Malta

Our team of accountants in Malta can help you draw up the monthly trial balance, establish the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, prepare and submit the annual financial services, as required by the law.

The accuracy of the accounting and financial information guarantees the credibility of the company and protects it from unfortunate events, such as bankruptcy. 

Our team of accountants in Malta provide a wide range of accountancy and accountancy-related services, suited to your specific business needs. Some of the services we provide are:
  • complete financial and management accounting;
  • tax consultancy;
  • performing audits for your company;
  • monthly trial balance;
  • annual financial statements preparation;
  • VAT journals;
  • tax register and many more.


What type of audit services are available in Malta?

Local statutory audits, a complete review of the financial information of the firm, financial statement audits plus other important procedures are available for companies with establishments in Malta. Companies with activities in the retail sector, banking, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, gaming companies, and mining require audits in Malta, in compliance with the Maltese legislation. Our team of accountants in Malta have extensive experience in audits for Maltese companies, therefore, once you register your business in this country, you should solicit the services of our accounting firm in Malta.

Tax consultancy services in Malta

Our CPA Malta accountants can provide tax consultancy and planning services in accordance with your vision on the business. The general perception is that only small businesses in their first year of activity need tax consultancy services, however, owners of medium and large companies also find themselves in the position of asking for such services when they want to increase their revenue, enter new markets or expanding their portfolios. This is where our accountants in Malta can propose tax solutions which will help business owners achieve their purposes without spending too much money.

Our accounting firm in Malta can draft realistic projections and let you know if your plans can be achieved the way you want or if you need to take additional steps or measures to realize them.
Planning is another important aspect when running a business in Malta and the key to a successful business is knowing how the industry you work it will perform based on past data and projections. Our accountants can compile this data and advise on how you take advantage of it in order for your company to have a great future ahead.

We also remind you that our auditors in Malta can perform on-demand audits after which the current financial status of your company is assessed and solutions to improve can be proposes.

Bookkeeping services in Malta

Bookkeeping is the most important part of the accounting in a company in Malta as it implies registering all the invoices and daily accounting documents entering and exiting a firm. Bookkeeping implies keeping updated all the financial records of a company all the time which can be time-consuming. This is why our accountants in Malta offer specialized bookkeeping services which are based on the use of specialized software and thus ensure correct maintenance of all accounting documents.

Among the daily accounting documents which can enter or exit your firm, we mention sale and purchase invoices, invoices when renting office spaces, supply purchase invoices and payslips.

You can rely on our accounting firm in Malta for tailored bookkeeping services.

Forensic accounting services in Malta

Forensic accounting implies specialized investigations of a company’s accounting documents. Even if this not a service to be often contracted, it is good to know that if you ever find yourself and your company in the position of requesting such services, our accountants in Malta can help you.

We can gather and analyze all the documents which need to be submitted as proof when undergoing an investigation or we can simply advise in financial disputes when these imply specialized forensic accountants.

Other services in Malta

Our accountants in Malta are ready to provide complete audit services for your company. Our bookkeepers can help prepare your company for a financial audit by making sure that all the necessary financial documents are in order. They can periodically check if your company fulfills all the requirements regarding specific financial statements so that at any given time the company’s financial situation is under control.

Why choose our accountants in Malta?

Companies can have their own accounting firms in Malta or can choose our firm to handle all the financial matters of the business without having to worry about missing filing deadlines, buying specialized software for invoicing activities and payroll which usually incur additional costs.

We have a specialized team in every field of accounting, which is why you can resort to our accountants in Malta no matter the service you need. You can choose for one or more accounting services, as it suits your needs at a moment.

Also, if you want to know why you should start a business in Malta, you should know that:
  • Malta scored 68.6 points in terms of economic freedom, becoming the 41st freest economy in the 2019 Index;
  • in terms of fiscal health in 2019, Malta ranks 20th among all 44 European countries which is above the world average;
  • on an average, in the last 3 years, Malta’s budget registered a 0.6% surplus from its Gross Domestic Product (GDP);
  • the value of Maltese imports and exports combined represent 261.5% of its GDP in 2019.

Please contact us for more detailed information and a personalized offer if you are interested in accounting services in Malta.