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Updated on Monday 09th September 2019

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The accounting department of a Maltese company plays a vital role in the business’ welfare which is why owners choose to work with professionals, no matter if they are in-house or professional accountants from outside sources. As a matter of fact, externalizing the accounting of a company is quite common in Malta, as many local firms prefer to focus on the core activities of their business.

The capital city of Malta, Valetta, is also one of the largest cities in the country and many companies operate from here. For these companies, our accountants in Valetta offer complete accounting services.

We invite you to read below about the main services offered by our accounting firm in Valetta. For any queries, do not doubt in contacting us.

Services offered by our accounting firm in Valetta

Here is a list of all accounting services offered by our accountants in Malta for our clients in Valetta, but also for others in other cities across the country:
  1. VAT registration and compliance upon the incorporation of a business in Valetta;
  2. EORI registration for companies in Valetta with trading activities, as well as foreign companies with trading activities in Malta;
  3. dedicated bookkeeping services which target the daily registration of all accounting documents entering and exiting the firm;
  4. tax accounting services for all types of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises;
  5. payroll and HR services which imply complying with the employment and salary issues in a business;
  6. audit services offered by accredited auditors (specialized services for large companies are also available);
  7. preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statement with the tax office in Valetta;
  8. forensic accounting and tax planning and advice services can also be accessed by our clients in Valetta.

The list of services offered by our Malta CPA accredited accountants in Valetta is more extensive, which is why if you have a special request, we invite you to discuss with us.

VAT registration and compliance services in Valetta

Not all companies in Valetta are required to register for VAT purposes, however, this is the first step when dealing with the accounting requirements of a company in Malta. VAT registration implies obtaining a VAT number which will be used by the company when issuing invoices, filing VAT returns in order to recover the amounts of money paid under this tax and other operations which imply the VAT. One of these operations refers to the registration in the EORI system for trading companies operating in Malta.

For complete information on the services offered by our accounting firm in Valetta, we are at your disposal. You can also rely on our accountants in Malta for tax consulting services.

Bookkeeping services in Valetta

Many times clients mistake accounting for bookkeeping, however, there is a big difference between them with bookkeeping representing the recording and organizing of all financial transactions in a company. This means keeping track of all documents related to the entire accounting of the company.

Bookkeeping required a lot of attention which is why we have a dedicated team of bookkeepers in Valetta to help you with this task which often implies:
  • maintaining various ledgers in the company;
  • recording the incomes and expenses in the company;
  • handling bank reconciliation operations;
  • keeping track of account payables and accounts receivables;
  • providing various financial documents, such as income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

We invite you to talk to our accountants in Malta for tailored bookkeeping services in Valetta.

Why choose our accounting firm in Valetta?

Our team in Valetta is made of professionals from all areas of accounting in order to cover as many needs as possible of clients. We strive to offer tailored accounting services to all types and sizes of companies in Valetta and Malta, with the possibility of business owners to configure the accounting packages they are interested in.

As we value our clients’ time, we make sure all our services respect clients’ requests, timelines and deadlines, but most importantly, we make sure we stay in the legal frameworks in which financial documents must be filed.

Taxation in Malta

Many of our clients have heard about Malta being very appealing from a taxation point of view, and here is why:
  • the standard income tax rate applicable to companies in Malta is 35%, however, this be reduced to as low as 5%;
  • residents with no fiscal domicile in Malta are subject to a minimum tax worth 5,000 euros per year;
  • non-residents can obtain a 0% rate for dividend, interests and royalties payments;
  • Malta has signed more than 70 double tax treaties during time.

For information about our accounting services in Valetta, please contact our accounting firm in Malta.