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Updated on Thursday 03rd October 2019

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Birkirkara is located in Central Malta and is the largest city on the island. Malta attracts many investors who open companies in Birkirkara for the reason that it is a large city that provides plenty of business opportunities. However, a company must also comply with various imposed by the Maltese authorities, among which those related to taxation are quite important.

In order to determine the taxes a Maltese company must pay an audit of its financial statements is required. We have a dedicated team of auditors in Malta who can provide audit services for your company in Birkirkara.

Below, we invite you to read about the services our auditors in Birkirkara can help you with. You can rely on us for a multitude of accounting services in Malta.

Audit services in Birkirkara

If you need audit services, our auditors in Birkirkara are glad to provide you with tailored solutions based on the size and type of activity or activities completed by your business. Our auditors in Malta offer the following audit services in Birkirkara:
  • internal audits which can be requested at any time by company owners who need an objective opinion on the business’ activities;
  • external or statutory audits which are mandatory, or better said, Maltese companies are required to appoint independent auditors to verify their financial situations;
  • financial and compliance audits which comprise deep analyses of the company’s financial and governance regulations;
  • forensic audits are also available for company owners in Birkirkara, when and if necessary.

Our auditors in Birkirkara are members of the Accountancy Board in Malta , while our accountants are accredited by Malta CPA.

If you need other services, our accountants in Malta are at your disposal with personalized services.

Statutory audit services in Birkirkara

The statutory audit is the audit that is required by the laws of Malta. All companies must have their accounts audited and our auditors in Birkirkara are qualified to perform them. It is important to note, though, that certain companies operating in the financial sector, such as banks, insurance companies and other businesses in this field.

The auditors performing the audits must have specific conduct and must report to the shareholders of the company. Our auditors in Birkirkara abide by the regulations imposed by the Accountancy Board and by the those imposed by the National Audit Office in Malta.

Our accountants in Malta can offer a wide range of services, no matter the type of activity completed by your company.

Audit verifications in Birkirkara

The audit of a company in Malta implies a thorough verification of various documents of the respective company. It is important to note that Maltese companies are subject to very strict audit requirements and these audits must be performed by independent auditors who can offer an accurate picture of the business’ performance.

Our auditors in Birkirkara will carefully revise the following financial documents of a company:
  • the financial statements;
  • the management accounts;
  • the management reports;
  • the accounting records;
  • the revenues reports;
  • the operational reports;
  • the expenses reports.

Once the audit is finished, the auditor is required to compile his or her own report which will be submitted for approval with the shareholders of the company. Then, the company must file its audited accounts with the Maltese tax authorities and with the Trade Register.

Our accounting firm in Malta can offer its services in other cities, among which Valetta, the capital of the country.

Internal audit services in Malta

Our auditors in Birkirkara can also offer internal audit services at the request of the company’s owners, the board of directors or directors. The number of Maltese companies requesting tax advice and internal audits has increased in the last few years, as the benefits offered by such services are quite important. Among them, we can mention an improvement in the company’s financial revenues and increased production.

You can rely on our accounting firm in Malta for accounting and audit services for your company in Birkirkara.

Audit requirements for SMEs in Malta

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malta are subject to audit requirements, as long as they fall into the following categories:
  1. a balance sheet of maximum 4 million euros per year in the case of small companies, and maximum 20 million euros for medium-sized companies;
  2. a total annual revenue of maximum 8 million euros in the case of small companies, and maximum 40 million euros for medium-sized businesses;
  3. an average number of 50 employees for small companies and 250 employees of medium-sized enterprises;
  4. at least 2 of the criteria mentioned above must be met for 2 consecutive years.

For tailored audit services in Birkirkara, please contact our accounting firm in Malta.