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Updated on Wednesday 18th September 2019

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Accounting is one of the most important parts in a business in Malta as it implies handling all the financial documents in the company. However, the accounting department and the documents handled by it are subject to very strict control rules which usually fall under the supervision of an auditor.

Apart from being the capital of the country, Valetta is one of the most important business centers in Malta which is why a great number of companies is concentrated here. Those who have business operations here and need audit services can rely on auditors in Valetta for professional services. Together with our accountants in Malta, we strive to offer our clients tailored accounting and audit services in Valetta.

The main types of audits in Valetta and in Malta

There are several types of audits our auditors in Valetta can perform. These are usually offered under the form of services contracted by Maltese companies based on their needs and requirements. It is also important to understand that some companies are subject to mandatory audits, while others are not.

Here are the main types of audit services we can provide you with in Valetta:
  1. internal audit services which imply for companies to work directly with us in order for auditors in Valetta to provide an exact picture of the company’s financials;
  2. external audits which are services provided by external audit firms to businesses in Valetta;
  3. statutory audit services which for some companies are imposed by the law (public companies in Malta must undergo statutory audits);
  4. forensic audits which are usually performed by a specialist forensic auditor whose services are contracted when the company is subject to an investigation;
  5.  financial audit services which usually imply a thorough verification of a company’s financial statements;
  6. compliance audit services which imply a verification of how the company complies with the local legislation and regulations.

Our auditors in Valetta offer dedicated audit services in accordance with the size and activities performed by the company.

Our accounting firm in Malta offers a wide variety of accounting and audit services, as all our accountants are CPA Malta accredited.

Internal and external audit services in Valetta

Our auditors in Valetta offer both internal and external audit services to companies in all business areas in order to respond to their needs.

Our internal audit services which are also known as operational audit services imply the verification of the internal controls, of the risk management and governance and usually requested by the company owners. An internal audit can help a company improve its activities and is usually performed by the in-house accounting or audit department in a company. This is why this service is usually provided by our auditors in Malta to clients who have their accounting handled directly by our accountants in Malta.

Compared to an internal audit, an external one refers to the verification of the financial statements of a company and is usually imposed on certain businesses. External audits or statutory audits must be completed by independent audit firms, which is why our auditors in Valetta can offer such a service to various types of companies, including those which are not our clients.

For complete information on our internal and external audit services in Valetta, our auditors are at your disposal.

Other audit services in Valetta

Our auditors in Valetta can offer various types of audits in accordance with your business’ needs, which is why we kindly invite you to discuss with the representatives of our accounting firm in Malta for an offer.

Among these audit services we offer in Malta and especially in Valetta, you can also rely on us for forensic audit, financial and compliance audit services for which we have in-house specialists to work for you.

If you have any questions related to our audit services in Valetta, do not hesitate to ask us.

Why choose our auditors in Valetta?

Having a dedicated audit department in a company can prove more expensive than using the services of accounting firms in Malta which can offer a wider range of services, including audit services in Malta. Our company has a team of specialists in all areas of accounting and auditing, and thus you can obtain one or more services by contracting our services.

All our auditors in Valetta report to the National Audit Office.

With respect to the accounting requirements a Maltese company must comply with, we remind the following:
  • all companies in Malta are subject to the corporate tax which is levied at a rate of 35%;
  • a Maltese business is required to file its annual financial statements and tax returns within 9 months after the accounting year has ended;
  • VAT payers must also file VAT returns on a quarterly basis (every 3 months);
  • all companies are subject to audit requirements, with the exception of private companies which meet at least 2 of the annual turnover (93,000 euros), total assets (46,600 euros) and employees (minimum 2) criteria.

For audit services in Valetta and other accounting services in Malta, please contact us.