Tax Advice for Your Company in Malta

Updated on Wednesday 01st April 2020

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Malta is one of the most prolific small economies in Europe and the European Union, according to various reports. This is one of the main reasons it attracts a great number of foreign investors who open companies here.

When it comes to running a business in Malta, one must respect the laws of this country and in terms of accounting, the advice of a tax consultant is often appreciated. Our accountant in Malta can help in various tax matters, no matter if you run a small or large business here.

With a vast experience in various areas of accounting, our Malta tax advisors will offer tailored services to those who own small, medium-sized and large companies in Malta. Also, foreign companies with branches and subsidiaries can ask for tax advice for their companies in Malta.

Below, our accountants in Malta present the tax advisory services you can rely on us for.

Tax consultancy services offered by our Malta tax advisors

Accounting is made up of several branches, out of which tax advice plays an important role when it comes to those seeking to improve the economic situation of their companies. You can obtain tax advice for your company in Malta from one of our specialized accountants.

Here are some of the tax advisory services we can provide for you and your company in Malta:
  1. a thorough analysis of your company’s financial documents, no matter its size and object of activity;
  2. revisal of the company’s main financial goals and proposition of alternatives for improving its activity;
  3. execution of financial reports and other accounting documents in accordance with the Maltese legislation;
  4. tailored support in preparing for audits and other financial verifications of the Maltese authorities;
  5. audit services – our auditors in Malta can conduct audits as requested by the law, as well as independent audits required by the shareholders;
  6. tax consultancy for foreign companies with branches and subsidiaries in Malta and which need to comply with the local and international laws;
  7. tax calculation and tax return filings, as well as tax optimization solutions, in accordance with the law;
  8. international tax advisory services for foreign investors interested in setting up operations in Malta;
  9. financial due diligence services for those interested in mergers and acquisitions in Malta.

It is quite common for foreign investors setting up businesses here to request the services of accounting firms in Malta for a better understanding of the national tax system. All our accountants are CPA Malta authorized so that you can rely on specialists to offer tax advice for your company.

Assistance provided by our accountants in Malta

Relying on the advice of a specialist is of key importance when entering the Maltese market. This is why we are prepared to offer specialized, but most of all, personalized tax advice for you and your company in Malta.

The first service you can rely on our accountants in Malta for is understanding the tax system of this country which is slightly different than those of other European countries. This is because it relies on an imputation system which allows for most of the taxes to be deducted. Our Malta tax advisors can help you understand how the local taxation system and works and can also prepare and file the documents which help you obtain the so much wanted tax deductions offered by the Maltese tax authorities.

Our tax advisory services are completed by other accounting services in Malta, such as tax planning and auditing or professional bookkeeping services in Malta.

Why choose a tax advisor in Malta?

As specialists in the accounting field, tax advisors are always up to date with all the changes made by the Maltese legislators and many local companies ask for tax advice for their companies including when they have their own accounting department. Apart from these, asking for an independent opinion from someone who does not work in the company can lead to a boost in the business’ activity, higher returns and a clearer picture of the overall business direction.

With years of experience behinds, our accountants and auditors in Malta can offer competent tax advice for your company.

Why invest in Malta?

Malta is for several years now one of the most appealing investment destinations in Europe. With an economy which relies more on tourism and services, however:
  • the real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth registered by Malta in 2018 was 6.2%;
  • Malta is expected to register a 5.2% economic increase in 2019, according to the European Commission;
  • private consumption triggered a slight increase in inflation which is expected to reach 1.9% in 2020, however, it will remain one of the lowest in the EU;
  • the Commission also projected a 6.4% economic growth for Malta in 2020.

For complete tax advisory and accounting services in Malta, please contact us.